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Welcome to a Shirtpix News where you can get the latest information on what’s happening behind the scenes with Shirtpix.
Jan’2020 :
The concept was developed to have category separated themes to shop T-shirts designs. At the same time it was unknown at how it could be developed. And then Fiverr was discovered.

Feb’2020 :

Fiverr is the credited source for gathering all the content viewed on this website. Commission based artwork designs have been outsourced and curated to fit each category on the site. It took one year to develop and buildout of which the result is this very website!

Each category was developed based on similar categories found within Netflix when searching for a movie to watch. Thus the concept is to shop for T-shirts similar to the way you search for movies. One of the phrases developed became “Just like Netflix but for T-shirts”.


Mar’2020 :

Shopify became Shirtpix home platform to host this grand concept of category based themes. Throughout the one year of its creation backend code had to be done on a number of occasions. Credit is given to the only Shopify Expert Coder used; Clovecode. Thank you!

Printful, being a third-party app via Shopify, became the only source to produce our P.O.D. designs and product on Bella+Canvas garments only!


Apr’2020 : 

Crown Media Entertainment, a Charleston South Carolina-based company, was sought after in helping develop the survey form that had collected the 700+ emails over one year of Shirtpix development. This survey would not go into effect until May 5 however the many hours of communicating it’s existence started when the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The survey was boosted through a Facebook ad over a 365 day period for $365 which reached a target of 90,000 viewers. The survey will be taken down May 6, 2021 as the projected date for one year & one day after the survey started.


Jun’-Aug’2020 :

Graphic designers; Modern T-shirts and Enqalab (independent of each other) are the first two designers to collectively contribute over 2800 designs in total.


Sept’-Dec’2020 :

Models from around the world were commissioned, via Fiverr, to receive designs printed on T-shirts that were of their liking to color and size, at no cost to them, and also paid for their photographs.

Credit goes to Chris Watkins who helped develop an edit the introductory video seen upon entering the website.


Jan’-Mar’2021 :

Shirtpix has been working on the backend logistics of its release. Making sure that everything flows smoothly and creates an online experience unlike any other T-shirt website.


Apr'-May'2021 :

A Press-Release will launch the site publicly to the world. This PR has been commissioned on Fiverr. Translated into six total languages via Fiverr. And distributed through the means of those advertising they work within the PR field of news-media-outlets.

The email collection survey site was taken down May 6th.


Jun'2021 :

Shirtpix is projected to be fully up and running by July 18, 2021. Shirtpix will then have been an 18 month developed concept project brought to life. That's 18 months, 18 days, and also the creators birthday - LOL!


Jul'2021 :

Happy Birthday Shirtpix!



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